3 Great Toppings for Christmas or Plum Pudding

Christmas pudding is one of Australia’s favourite desserts for good reason; it’s delicious and can be served in a variety of different ways. It makes a great option whether it’s cut into slices and eaten at room temperature with a coffee, or heated and served with a sauce of some description. Everyone takes their plum pudding differently and we’re not here to say which is the best way. But we’ve compiled a couple of the best ways to serve christmas pudding and a few of our favourites.

With cream or ice cream

cream or ice cream as pudding topping

Classic and timeless, the pudding and cream combo has always been a popular option, like it is with nearly all desserts. When served warm, the heat of the pudding and the coolness of the cream/ice cream is a contrast that seems only to improve the flavour and the experience.

Brandy butterscotch sauce

brandy sauce as pudding topping

This is really the choice topping for plum pudding for all the pudding connoisseurs out there. The two were made for each other as plum pudding will often have traces of brandy or rum in it, which combines with the sauce perfectly. If you haven’t tried this age old combo, you should check at Stephen’s Fine Food’s range of award-winning sauces on our website!

Custard sauce

custard sauce as pudding topping

Custard make a great side to a number of different desserts. and is a great match for a Christmas pudding because it balances out the richness of the pudding nicely. The best custard is obviously made fresh and it’s really easy to make if you have the right ingredients and a good recipe. The best part is it’s the kind of sauce you can experiment a little bit with, trying different combinations to find something that works. We’d highly recommend trying it out next time you enjoy a plum pudding.

These are some of the most popular serving options when it comes to plum pudding, but there are plenty of other sauces and combinations out there that are equally as delicious. There are a range of great sauces to discover on the Stephen’s Fine Food website, delivered directly to your door at an affordable price.

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