4 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas in July

christmas in july facts

Christmas in July celebrations are around the corner! Whether you’re planning a a get together with friends or family, exchanging a few presents, or you’re not the type to usual get into the Christmas in July concept, keep in mind that a traditional Christmas pudding never goes astray. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Christmas in July and its history as we head into that time of year. 

The term originated in France in the late 19th century

The first recorded mention of the term “Christmas in July” and possibly what led to it becoming a tradition for many of us, dates back to 1892. Quite a prominent French opera by the name of Werther included a scene in which a group of people sing a Christmas carol, despite that the play is set in the month of July. Another character points this out, mentioning that singing about Christmas in July will rush the season (according to the English translation).

There is a comedy film entitled Christmas in July

Christmas in July effectively became a household term with the release of a hollywood film of this name in 1940. The plot wasn’t necessarily related, given that it told the story of a man that mistakenly believes he has won the lottery, but nevertheless it was the catalyst or the seed that led to the concept becoming popular later on. The film was given this title in part due to the fact that the main character starts spending a lot of money when he wins (which is in the month of July), buying presents for friends and family.

christmas in july film

Its popularity spread in the 1950s

Despite the success of the film, it took some time for the concept to take off. It just so happens that American advertisers had a big hand in this, but they were responding to Christmas in July celebrations that had started to become popular in the mid 40s. Churches would sing carols and exchange small gifts during this time, with annual events that were growing in popularity and attendence. In 1944, various advertisers teamed up with the US Army, Navy and other government bodies to throw a big Christmas in July celebration, which was a big success.

It just so happens that it was in commercial America’s best interests to have people celebrating this holiday, if we can call it that, and advertising on television started in 1950. There are no holidays in the US between July 4 and September, meaning marketing opportunities are scarce during this period. Christmas in July falls at a time that is ideal for advertisers here.

People in the northern hemisphere celebrate it more than we do

You may think of the idea of Christmas in July as something we in the southern hemisphere celebrate to get a sense of what the festive season is like during the winter time. When you think about it, so much of the Christmas tradition has a winter touch, as it has arguably been popularised by countries in the northern hemisphere. So it makes sense that those of us that celebrate it in the heat of summer would like to simulate the experience of a winter Christmas.

But those in the USA and Europe are actually the driving force behind the concept. As we’ve seen, it originated in these parts of the world. In the US, it is common for parties to be thrown to celebrate Christmas in July, and nightclub’s will often host special nights with this theme.

We wish you all the best celebrating Christmas in July this year! Remember that Stephen’s Fine Foods sells the highest quality traditional Christmas puddings if you’re in the mood to enjoy them this winter. Contact us for more information.

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