5 reasons to Eat Puddings All Year Around

Everyone loves a pudding, whether it be a special occasion or just because. Particularly popular in the summer months due to christmas celebrations, puddings are actually just as good in winter when it’s cold out. If you’re ordering puddings online or following a recipe at home, puddings remain one of the most iconic desserts here in Australia , and for good reason. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons why this is, as if we ever needed an excuse to tuck into a delicious homemade pudding!

They’re Safe for Everyone

Even if you’re lactose or gluten intolerant, there’s a scrumptious pudding out there with your name on it. With more people having special dietary requirements, pudding wholesalers are producing all kinds of different pudding varieties. Gluten and dairy free options are available at all good retailers and if you’re baking your pudding yourself and should find yourself a gluten or dairy free recipe without too much trouble!

Healthy Options

Given that they’re a desert, puddings are best enjoyed in moderation - as is the case with nearly every kind of sweet food. That said, as far as desserts go, certain kinds of puddings are actually quite healthy. The classic plum pudding, for instance, contains a healthy mix of raisins and sultanas, which are rich in potassium and can lower blood pressure. Almonds and other nuts that are found in many puddings help to reduce levels of cholesterol and are rich in Vitamin E.
Nowadays there are also a number of low-fat puddings on offer, so the healthy option is always there!

Variety of Delicious Flavours

Who knows if there’s any limit when it comes to pudding flavours! Wholesalers seem to be coming out with more and more flavours all the time, each being more delicious than the last! There’s your classic Christmas pudding, then you’ve got other options like butterscotch puddings, figgy puddings, and chocolate puddings just to name a few.
You can research online and find some great combinations of flavours and recipes to experiment with.  

Great with a Coffee

While they make a terrific stand-alone dessert after the main meal, having some puddings ready-to-go in the pantry to serve for afternoon tea is also a winning move. The pudding doesn’t need to be heated and can be served on a plate to be eaten by hand as you would eat a muffin with a coffee for instance. Otherwise, heat up a slice in the microwave and serve with cream.

And in the Kid’s Lunches

For that matter, sending a slice of pudding with the kids to school is also quite common during the festive season or any other part of the year. Just cut a piece out of your pudding and wrap it up in glad wrap, and it not going to lose any of that freshness or flavour.

Check out the full range of delicious puddings on offer at Stephen’s Fine Foods today or simply give us a call for a chat or any pudding-related advice!

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