Three Most Popular Traditional Christmas Desserts to Share with Everyone

Despite the fact that Christmas is in the summertime, as Australians we still enjoy festive traditions that originate in places where Christmas is celebrated in the winter. The songs, decorations, general themes (sleds and snow) and foods might be more ‘wintery’ but we love them all the same in the Aussie summer heat! Desserts are no different as they are often served hot and go down nicely when it’s cold out. But there’s something really special about woofing them down around Christmas time - it really gets you in a festive mood like nothing else!

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous traditional Christmas desserts we enjoy here in Australia.


Traditional Christmas Pudding

The traditional Christmas pudding is a staple of the Christmas meal and no doubt the first Christmas food that comes to mind. It is also known as the plum pudding or simply as pud. Originating from England several centuries ago, the Christmas pudding has a special place in Australia too. This dessert is popular especially during December but all year round too! It is made of fruit, spices to flavour, brandy and other alcohol to moisten and stop from spoiling. It can be served hot or cold with sauces such as brandy custard, cream or ice-cream. It is made of fruit, spices to flavour, brandy and other alcohol to moisten and stop from spoiling. It can be served hot or cold with sauces such as brandy custard, cream or ice-cream. Gluten free puddings are also sold so that those with special dietary requirements can spoil themselves at Christmas time.  

Because these puddings are long-lasting, it has become a trend to buy readymade traditional Christmas puddings from fine food wholesalers. You just need to warm them up as per the instructions given and they’re good to go! Christmas puddings that you buy from quality suppliers are nicely presented and vacuum sealed for longer life - so they make great gifts as well and are a welcome addition to any Christmas gift hamper.


Traditional Christmas Cakes

Traditional Christmas cakes are delicious fruit cakes usually made of currants, raisins, cherries, and sultanas with a hint of Brandy and Sherry. Sometimes these are rich with almonds, figs, pecans or walnuts and various dried fruits. Traditional rich Christmas cakes come with different shapes and colours and usually they are rich and moist. These delightful cakes should be baked to perfection and are often enjoyed alone or with a topping or icing. 

Popular decoration includes icing the top along with models of house, fir trees, sleds and reindeers with Santa Claus but these are less common in Australian region. In many Western countries ‘Whisky Dundee’, the traditional Scottish Christmas cakes are very popular for its light and crumbly-moist feature.


Christmas Cookies

Traditionally, Christmas cookies are spiced biscuits similar to ginger bread cookies. However, cookies come in over varieties as well. Biscotti, sugar cookies, butter cookies, and shortbread are some popular varieties of Christmas cookies. These come in all sizes and shapes from gingerbread houses to Christmas trees, snowflakes, stockings, bells and more. These cookies are enjoyed in the lead up to Christmas and go down well with an after-meal coffee. They also fit nicely into a Christmas gift hamper!

Here at Stephen’s Fine Foods, we can help you celebrate your Christmas in style with some the finest traditional Christmas puddings in the land, as well as Christmas cakes and cookies. Stephen’s Fine Foods is an excellent provider of delicious traditional Christmas puddings including Gluten free Christmas puddings, and also listed among the well-reputed fine food suppliers. We also invite you to check our gourmet food hampers and gift baskets if you have any special occasion in your mind.


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