4 Reasons Christmas Time Is the Best Time of the Year

We can hardly believe that it’s time to start gearing up for Christmas already! The decorations are out, the shops are closing late and hosts and hostesses are already trying to figure out what to serve on the day.

At Stephen’s Fine Foods, we’re obviously crazy about Christmas and we’ve decided to go through what makes Christmas time so special. Yes it can be stressful and busy at the best of times, but it’s an occasion we all look food to deep down


Some public holidays including Easter and perhaps even New Years involve getting together with family and enjoying each others’ company. But Christmas is an occasion that compels us to take some valuable family time like no other.

For many of us, this means making trips interstate and reconnecting with cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even immediate family. The time of year and the closing down of most businesses allows us to do this and these family memories are something you don’t forget, even as you grow older.


Any parent will tell you how amazing an experience it is to give gifts to their children at Christmas time; the delight in their faces as they unwrap there presents is simply priceless. Obviously the excitement you experience as a child in the lead up to Christmas day is really something special.

As we grow older, however, we seem to get as much pleasure out of giving a gift to a loved one as we do receiving. The exchanging of presents is something that enables us to show our love for friends and family and pay them back for the kindness they’ve shown to us.


Christmastime has a certain nostalgia associated to it that perhaps comes from childhood memories of the holiday. The scent of summer, the smell of the Christmas tree and carols being sung remind us of Christmastimes pass, particularly the excitement and wonder we experienced during this period when we were younger! Christmas has a way of reminding us of times passed.


Last, but certainly not least is the food! In many families, it’s customary to take an afternoon nap after Christmas lunch. People usually have their biggest eating day of the year and after all that hard work it can be very difficult to keep your eyes open. Between multiple courses that may include seafood, pork, turkey and of course - the best part - scrumptious plum puddings for dessert, you’re well and truly stuffed after Christmas lunch!

Stephen’s Fine Foods is more than able to help you out with the dessert portion of your meal. We stock a wide range of Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes and Christmas mince pies and even hampers if you’re out of gift ideas! The best part is these delicacies can be enjoyed all year around, though there’s nothing quite like a pudding during the holidays.

Browse our range to find out more and remember to have a great Christmas!

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