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9 Easy Ways to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget

While Christmas certainly brings in it’s a fair share of cheer, it also comes along with the added stress of planning and budgeting a festive celebration. Between the gifts, cooking and decorating, it’s hard for those numbers not to add up.

Budgeting for Christmas as depends on several factors including who is hosting, how far there is to travel, and how many gifts need to be purchased. To save on Christmas this year without scarifying on any of the trimmings we’ve put together 9 tips to celebrate the coming holidays without worrying about breaking the bank.

Rent your important Christmas decorations

Decorations can take a huge chunk out of the Christmas budget every year, especially if the household invests in lavish Christmas wreaths, miniatures and of course lights. Even purchasing a new tree every year starts to add up. If the house only needs to be dressed up while family and friends are visiting, why not cut costs by renting the more expensive items such as the tree, lights, table centrepieces or even some extra chairs for the table at Christmas lunch. A selection of stores offer to book and deliver these decorative items for the season, so instead of purchasing those big season items consider saving a little extra these holidays.

Keep an eye out for discounts

No matter the budget for this year nothing beats a bargain! While shoppers can be caught up in the Christmas shopping craze, the biggest discounts happen in the off-season. As the holidays start to wrap up decorations and gifts can be purchased at half the price of what shoppers would have originally been expected to pay. Not to mention Boxing Day sales and online offers such as Cyber Monday, take further advantage of these sale offers by comparing in-store prices with online discounts and prices.

Make DIY decorations

Saving on décor is a great way to repurpose budget during December, that’s why coming up with a unique and handmade Christmas not only amount to big savings but a personalised celebration between family and friends. Getting and an early start is always best with any DIY projects, but the effort is well worth it when to showing off and saving some cash. Buying second hand and in bulk is a great way to cut costs. We also suggest focusing on affordable decor like ribbons, mason jars, garden flowers and paints to create DIY decorations. Even encourage the whole family to get involved as a fun lead up to Christmas activity.

Re-gift old souvenirs

Let’s get real; there’s nothing wrong with a good re-gift. Especially when the item seems to be a better fit for a friend or coworker. While at first, it might seem a bit weird to wrap up old souvenirs or items as gifts there’s nothing wrong with giving them to a new loving home.

Purchase gourmet desserts online

Everyone has their family recipe when it comes to Christmas desserts, but there’s a limit to how much one person can bake and spend before the big day. That’s why we suggest buying staples like the traditional Christmas pudding online, for easy delivery before the big day. While there, why not grab a delicious gift hamper or basket for the loved ones or even some extra treats for the busy season.

While it may seem more cost-effective to make a homemade Christmas treats the effort and ingredient cost alone can begin to add up, so save on money and energy when possible this holiday season.

Host a Potluck

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Potluck parties are a fun event everyone has come to cherish. Bringing out a sense of community and collaboration, it’s an affordable alternative to the traditional Christmas lunch. Decide what dish or course friends and family will bring beforehand then on the day sit down and enjoy a range of different styles of cuisine and cooking styles. It’s a great way to bring everyone together this Christmas as well as saving when it comes to the food budget.

Make the most out of e-cards

E-cards are great ways to send greetings overseas. There are a lot of popular sites like Canva and 123 Greetings that allow complete customisation and creation of e-cards for free! Not only does this trend save on paper but are customisable for every individual!

Offer handmade coupons!

Christmas is the season of giving so why not make homemade coupons offering good deeds and favours for loved ones. Whether it’s helping out in the yard for your mum or a free beer for a mate, make each coupon is personalised and be sure to get creative with your presentation.

Include more fun family activities

Christmas doesn’t just come down to the tree or the presents instead why not spend some time with friends, family co-workers and the community? Some idea includes spending the night travelling around to see the Christmas lights, movie marathons on the telly or even joining in on local Christmas activities such as crafts or music.

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