Christmas in July

Australian Christmas is usually hot and sticky. Families all around the country still settle down to roasts and puddings but it never feels quite the same as the Christmases we see in the movies. Celebrating the second Christmas in winter seems like the perfect solution to the problem and this year, hundreds of families will be digging out their decorations and putting on their best Santa Clause jumpers ready to celebrate the holiday when it’s nice and cold outside.

Getting festive in the dead of winter can be a lot of work, but we’ve outlined a couple of things you can do that will quickly transform your party into a Christmas extravaganza.



The perfect way to set the mood for your guests is of course to have some Christmas music playing when they arrive. It’s time to find all those CDs you only put on once a year! You could opt for some traditional carols playing with the Salvation Army’s annual carols CD or you could go for something more contemporary.

From Bob Dylan to James Brown, some of the most well-known musicians have done holiday records. Choose something fun and easy to listen to at the beginning of the day to set the mood like Elvis’ Christmas Album and of course you can always put on the Mariah Carey classic Merry Christmas.



You’ll need to cover your house in decorations just like it’s really Christmas. To get your guests in the swing of things you could even ask them to come and help decorate before the big day. Get out that plastic tree and set it up by the fireplace, hang a wreath on your front door and don’t forget the tinsel!

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Decorating is half the fun of the Christmas season and can really help your guests get into the spirit of the day. Candles are another great addition to the atmosphere and don’t forget to think about your all-important table setting. Scattering some festive Christmas gift hampers about can also add to the mood and can double as gifts for your guests at the end of the say.



Definitely the best thing about Christmas, the food. You’ll need to think about what you are going to serve your guests before the main event – put out some Christmas candy and maybe some homemade gourmet biscuits to start. Roast turkey and glazed ham, perhaps some chicken, beef or pork along with all the trimmings and sides like roast potatoes and steamed veggies.

To make a Christmas dinner as delicious as possible you’ll need a variety of condiments and don’t forget the desserts! Christmas cakes are the must have item and Traditional Christmas puddings are always a delicious addition. Remember to check if anyone has any dietary requirements to see if you need to finish your meal with a gluten free Christmas pudding.



Rug up in your favourite winter clothes. Now is your chance to wear all those great outfits you see in films that are just too warm to wear on a summer’s day. Snuggly jumpers and cute hats are a must and you could even get a bit crafty and make your own accessories with old decorations. Take the celebrating up a notch by getting everyone to wear something festive. Candy cane earrings, and Santa socks are all great ways to show your fun side. You could also get some reindeer horns for everyone or even challenge your family to an ugly jumper competition to see who can find (and wear) the very worst Christmas themed jumper out there.

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There’s no shortage of fine foods in Australia and gourmet food suppliers can help you out with all your Christmas cuisine so you are not taking on all of the responsibility yourself. You can buy a lot of your fine food supplies online which will take the stress out of shopping and preparing.

Whether you are having a Christmas in July party as an excuse to get together with family and friends, or you’re running a charity drive, or even if you are running an event for work, setting the scene and getting everyone participate is the main aim of the game. With these couple of elements you should be able to give everyone a great day they’ll remember for many years to come.


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