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Christmas in July: The Unknown and the Amazing Facts

To welcome the coldest month of our year, we here in the Southern Hemisphere will often how our own Christmas celebration taking advantage of the cozy nature the winter seasons bring. Though an unofficial holiday, Christmas in July it’s still full of festivity and a perfect excuse to settle in with friends to enjoy a winter feast!

With many places around Australia joining in and offering seasonal packages and menus for all to enjoy. From ski trips to night markets, there’s a range of entertainment you can enjoy for the whole month.

When is Christmas in July celebrated?

While many will say the official date falls on the 25th of July, you’ll find sales and events throughout the whole month here in Australia!
In comparison, the popularity of Northern hemisphere is less than Southern hemisphere. Some parts of the USA and Canada celebrate Christmas in July on July 12 or July 15- depending on the region.

Why do Australians celebrate Christmas in July?

The precise origin of celebrating Christmas in July is still not entirely clear. Ironically, the common belief is that this celebration started in Europe around the 80's, to enjoy Christmas in summer. If true then we Australians have adopted the concept for the exact opposite reason, allowing us to experience Christmas in the winter instead.

Other ideas come from a group of Irish tourists who in the 1980's went holidaying through Sydney’s Blue Mountains and celebrated like it was Christmas. The idea of being able to enjoy two Christmas became a popular tool to attract tourists during the year.

How do we celebrate Christmas in July?

Getting festive in the dead of winter can be a lot of work, but we’ve outlined a couple of things you can do that will quickly transform your party into a Christmas extravaganza.


Nothing beats the classics; the perfect way to set the mood for your guests is of course to have some Christmas music playing when they arrive. You could opt for some traditional carols playing with the Salvation Army’s annual carols CD or you could go for something more contemporary. Why wait till December to listen to Mariah Carey’s Yuletide classic?

From Bob Dylan to James Brown, some of the most well-known musicians have done holiday records. Choose something fun and easy to listen to at the beginning of the day to set the mood like Elvis’ Christmas Album and of course you can always put on the Mariah Carey classic Merry Christmas.


One of the best things about Christmas is the food. That’s why we Australians take advantage of the winter to fill up on all the rich and decadent courses we can. Whether you're having a traditional Christmas fare or just a winter favourite why not treat yourself to a delicious gourmet Christmas pudding to get into the spirit.


Falling close to the end of the financial year many shops capitalise on both of these events crafting many Christmas in July themed sales and even releasing limited edition Christmas items.


You’ll need to cover your house in decorations just like it’s really Christmas. To get your guests in the swing of things you could even ask them to come and help decorate before the big day. Get out that plastic tree and set it up by the fireplace, hang a wreath on your front door and don’t forget the tinsel!

Decorating is half the fun of the Christmas season and can really help your guests get into the spirit of the day. Candles are another great addition to the atmosphere and don’t forget to think about your all-important table setting. Scattering some festive Christmas gift hampers about can also add to the mood and can double as gifts for your guests at the end of the say.

If you are looking for the decoration idea you may check out the Christmas tree decoration idea with the Christmas pudding felt from here


Christmas in July gives way to some of the best parties during Australia's winter. The Blue Mountains offers a traditional white Christmas celebration allowing friends and family, to gather around a crackling fire and enjoy the snow.


Rug up in your favourite winter clothes. Now is your chance to wear all those great outfits you see in films that are just too warm to wear on a summer’s day. Snuggly jumpers and cute hats are a must and you could even get a bit crafty and make your own accessories with old decorations. Take the celebrating up a notch by getting everyone to wear something festive. Candy cane earrings and Santa socks are all great ways to show your fun side. You could also get some reindeer horns for everyone or even challenge your family to an ugly jumper competition to see who can find (and wear) the very worst Christmas themed jumper out there.

Fun Facts about Christmas in July

The term could have originated in France in the late 18th century: In 1892 a famous French opera by the name of Werther included a scene in which, a group of people perform a Christmas carol, despite the fact it was July.

• There is a comedy film entitled Christmas in July: With the release of a Hollywood film in 1940, “Christmas in July” the phrase entered our common vocabulary. Originally used in the movie to invoke the idea that “Christmas has come early” it has since taken on a more literal sense.

• Its popularity spread: With the movie a commercial success, American advertisers had a big hand in popularising the idea throughout the mid-40's, for its commercial purposes. In 1944, various advertisers hauled up with the US Army, Navy and other government bodies to throw a big Christmas in July celebration, which was a huge success.


We wish you all the best celebrating Christmas in July this year! If you are in the mood to celebrate this Christmas with yummy puddings then remember Stephen’s Fine Foods sells the highest quality traditional Christmas puddings to enjoy this winter season.

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