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How to Decorate Christmas Tree with Christmas Pudding Felt

Christmas Pudding Felt

 Image by DaveBleasdale from Flickr / CC 2.0

As we all know, there are a lot of things that make Christmas great. The amazing food, Christmas gift hampers & presents and the wonderful family times are all things that come to mind! But the experience of being together with people close to you and that unique ambience that makes Christmas is very special. It’s a difficult thing to describe and it is likely heightened by decorations around the house and the smell of the Christmas tree. 

If you’re as nuts as Christmas deserts as we all are, you might be interested in making your own plum pudding Christmas decorations to hang from your Christmas tree. It’s really very simple and helps to make your Christmas tree all the more eye-catching. Plus it puts your arts and crafts skills to the test!


What You’ll Need

  • Felt in red, white, brown and green
  • PVA glue to stick the felt together
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • A red button
  • Filling used in toys
  • A ribbon, ideally with Christmas colours


What To Do 

1. First you need to cut 3 circles out of the felt; one will be white and one will be brown. They need to be the same size. The size of the circles will determine the size of your decoration! 

2. Cut the white circle in half along a curved wavy line - this will be the icing on your decoration. Glue the two halves of icing to the two brown circle felt pieces so that the icing sits at the top of the brown circles. 

3. Cut out some small pieces from the green felt - these will be the leaves on your pudding. You can put them on one side or both sides of your pudding. Glue them onto the icing part of the decoration. 

4. Next, you need to sew the red button over the leaves - this will be the cherry on top! Use the needle and thread to do this. 

5. Probably the most difficult step is to stitch the two circles, or sides of the pudding, together. Obviously, you need to stitch them back to back so the icing is on the outside on each side. Blanket stitching will suffice here, however at the bottom leave a small gap. 

6. Through the gap, you can put the toy filling inside to give the decoration a bit of size. Make sure you don’t put too much and try to spread it evenly. Afterwards, complete the stitching the full way around. 

7. The last step is simply to attach the ribbon on the back. You can do by stitching it, which we’d recommend, or simply gluing it. This will enable you to hang it on the tree! Otherwise, if you don’t have ribbon, you can you attach it with any excess thread you have to create a nice little bow.


So there you have it! It only takes 20-30 minutes to make your very own Christmas pudding felt. If this exercise inspires you to get into some of Australia’s best Christmas puddings over the holidays, check out the range on our website today. 

Merry Christmas folks!


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