3 Desserts That Can Be Enjoyed All Year Around

A dessert is a welcome part of any main meal. Here in Australia, we are blessed to have a great variety of desserts and gourmet foods on offer that suits different kinds of occasions, whether you be serving puddings, cakes, fruit tarts or just ice-cream. Indeed, we are lucky when it comes to desserts and gourmet food too! There are even gluten-free options so that everyone can enjoy the very best desserts.

Desserts are largely seasonal – what we enjoy in summer may not be as appealing when it’s cold and wet. But there are those sweets and dessert items that can be enjoyed all year around. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Traditional Pudding

There are plenty of reasons why traditional pudding is one of the most popular desserts going around. Obviously, this pudding has a history and traditional significance, being closely associated with Christmas for centuries. But it remains a popular option all year around as well, with many people enjoying it in the winter time. In fact, traditionally it was enjoyed in the winter time and it’s probably more appealing during this time of year!

Add that to the fact that it can be easily cooked or purchased ready-to-eat. Traditional pudding is highly affordable compared to some other dessert options too.

Apple Pie

Apple pie belongs in a list of top desserts for many different reasons. Firstly, it’s made up of fruit, which as far as desserts go is actually pretty healthy for you. Secondly, it’s versatile; you can cut a slice for yourself and eat it in your hand with a coffee, or serve it hot out of the oven with cream after a nice meal. It is light, making it a good option in the heat of summer, but can also be served warm so that it really heats you up in the dead of winter.


An old classic that no one can say no to! Research shows that 70% of people go for ice cream as their dessert of choice. Not only is it refreshing and delicious, but it comes in so many forms and different flavours, it’s a great addition to other desserts and there are even healthy versions. Nothing beats a cold ice cream cone on a hot day for instance! Add it to a chocolate pudding on a winter’s night and the contrast of cold ice cream and hot pudding will have you in heaven.

The fact that it’s available everywhere and pretty cheap also add to the popularity of the ice cream.

We are lucky in Australia to have plenty of gourmet food and speciality fine food wholesalers doing some great work and producing some truly lip-smacking dessert options, whether they be pies, tarts, puddings or dessert sauces. Be sure to check out Stephen’s Fine Foods’ award-winning range of options to be enjoyed all year around.

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