Desserts You Might Consider For Your Holiday Meal

You’re almost at the end of your biggest meal of the year. Your stomach is nearing the full stretch, and you’re starting to feel a bit drowsy. You can see your day of hard work in the kitchen coming to an end; a nap would be just perfect right now. But then it hits you, something is just not right. Something’s missing! All of a sudden you realise what you’re looking for - Desserts!

Okay, this might be something of an exaggeration, but it’s true that no holiday meal is complete without a proper dessert. But which dessert will you choose?

Chocolate Pudding

As the name indicates the main ingredient of this item is a classic; chocolate. This pudding is best served hot, but with ice cream. You might think that ice cream is a poor choice during winter, but the warm chocolate will melt it and create a great taste and texture. Be sure to add this to your list if you want to try something different.

Steamed Pudding

Making a good steamed pudding requires patience; while the prep time spent mixing self-rising flour, butter, sugar and eggs is generally under a half hour, it requires a considerable amount of time inside an oven. But this dessert is worth the wait and, when served with custard, is simply mouth-watering!


It seems that every Australian has a favourite crumble combo. It might be apple and sultana, or apple and frozen raspberry. It might be rhubarb and ginger or even apple and pear. Whatever your choice, don’t forget that you can always toss your fruit mixture in custard powder if you want to add some custardy flavour.

Date Pudding

Celebrating Christmas in July is a trend for many Australians, and a date pudding is an excellent addition to any winter meal. This warm, rich and flavourful dessert is a fantastic comfort when it’s cold outside. You should definitely consider a sticky date pudding for your mid-year celebration.

Rice pudding

Traditional Australian rice puddings usually fall into one of two categories. One is stirred and cooked on the stove top, while the other is golden-skinned and cooked in the oven. Both of them are equally delicious, however, so it’s really a question of personal taste. One interesting approach to this dessert is to use Basmati rice, and add some cardamom, almonds and raisins; this lends a taste similar to an Indian Kheer to your rice pudding.

Oreo Rice Krispies

The Oreos and Rice Krispies, which form the base of this dessert, are mixed with a sticky combination of melted butter and marshmallows; the result is a delicious, sweet treat. Oreo cookies are a kid’s favourite, which makes them a great family-friendly holiday addition. Though, the adults will love them too!

Syllabub Based Desserts

Syllabub is a traditional English foamy drink and desserts based on it typically feature whipped cream, wine, sugar and lemon juice. You can also make a tropical syllabub dessert with juicy tropical fruit topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit chunks.
Anyone of these desserts will make for a memorable day, So, with Christmas in July approaching, why not consider these fine desserts for your holiday meal?

Image Sources: Taste, Kidspot & Kraftrecipes

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