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12 Gluten-Free Desserts to Try This Christmas

It’s hard to believe how much of the year has already flown by, at this rate the holiday season will soon be upon us. If you’ve gone gluten-free this year - here are 12 treats to look forward to this coming Christmas. We’ve got recipes for all skill levels and even a gluten-free Christmas pudding to complete your table.

1. Mastiha shortbread stars

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Shortbread is a staple in any Christmas fare, that’s why we’ve picked something a little different this year. Mastic is a Greek resin use as a spice in foods. With a subtle musky taste that’s hard to pinpoint this addition adds a refreshing twist to a traditional recipe.

2. Cardamom, pistachio and rose chocolate crackles

For a grown-up spin on an old Australian classic! This recipe using cacao powder and coconut oil to replace the cocoa and copha components you might be familiar with.  With the added hint of pistachio and rose petals for a hint of festival colour, these treats will make an excellent addition to any table.  Looking to bake with the kids? Then switch out the pistachio and cardamom for vanilla essence and even gluten-free 100’s and 1000’s.

3. The Pavlova

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It’s not an Aussie Christmas without this on the table. Whether you’re picking up a base from your local Woolies or making from scratch these naturally gluten-free cakes are always a crowd pleaser. For an extra bit of fun try using seasonal fruits like kiwis or passion fruit on top.

5. Gluten-free Christmas Pudding

With the added versatility of being both a Christmas decoration and tasty end to any feast. The season wouldn’t be complete without this pudding. Enjoy because we've got your new recipe right here, plus a fantastic gluten-free Christmas pudding you can purchase online.

5. Pomegranate and rosewater baked custard 

While custard's usually served to accompany a gluten-free Christmas pudding. Let it shine this Xmas! With the addition of pomegranates, a hint of rosewater and pistachios to make this side dish a dessert fit for any festive feast.

Not a fan of the original then try these alternative gluten-free puddings:

6. Buttermilk Pudding

Taking only fifteen minutes to make these creamy puddings are the perfect thing to pop in the fridge as a last minute addition on Christmas Eve. Served in signal ramekins, they can be an excellent alternative for anyone passing on some traditional pudding or a delicious dessert for any kids at the table.

7. Peach and Almond Pudding

For a summer twist on the cozy pudding why not add some fresh peaches to the mix!  This delicious gluten-free peach and almond pudding is made from buckwheat flour and almond meal for a rich nutty taste. So if puddings are your favourite part of the dessert tables, there’s now no need to find a substitute.

8. Mince Pies

While not everyone’s favourite, these little bite-sized pies bring the festival spirit.  Perfect to leave around the house, and this recipe promises you won’t be able to tell the difference.

9. Poached Pears

 If you’re looking for an easy to make a dish that packs a visual punch, look no further than the humble pear. A great way to get the adults eating their fruit while keeping up with the festive spirit is to poach the pears whole in red wine and citrus based syrup.

10. Gluten-free Gingerbread

A Yuletide favourite amongst is the gingerbread biscuit. Shaped as men, stars or even constructed into colourfully decorated houses. While we all have our own way of making these biscuits, we’ve supplied the recipe to make an old classic gluten-free for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you call the kids in to help decorate!

11. Raspberry Sorbet with Whipped Cream and Meringues

Don’t think you’ll be turning the oven back on after lunch? That’s why we’ve included this convenient dish to whip up after everyone wakes up. Grab a pint of your favourite sorbet, a can of whipped cream and some small meringues to create something quick and tasty that will please everyone at the table.

12. Dairy-free flour-less chocolate cake

Because Christmas cake can be hit or miss, so we’ve provided a diary and gluten free cake for all to enjoy. Sometimes you can’t beat the classic serving of a rich chocolate cake and here’s one where everyone gets a slice. To accompany this dish, try coconut milk ice-cream and some fresh summer fruits.

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