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6 Favourite Christmas Desserts of Australia

Christmas is only a few days away! And in addition to the good times with family and friends, the exchanging of presents and the summer holidays, we can all look forward to the delicious food that is enjoyed during this time of year. From the delicious roasts on Christmas day, to the puddings and dessert items enjoyed throughout the festive season, your taste buds are in for a treat this summer. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular Christmas desserts that are enjoyed in Australia.

Traditional Pulm Pudding

You simply can’t go past a good homemade plum pudding. Without a doubt the most important Christmas food that there is, traditional Christmas plum pudding has been a staple of the festive season for centuries. In fact, its origins and connection with Christmas date back to medieval times.
The delicious taste of a well-cooked plum pudding is something we all look forward to and is a must for most Australians on Christmas day!

Christmas Cookies

The perfect accompaniment to coffee after lunch (if you’ve still got room!) are Christmas cookies, and they come in various forms. Generally sugar cookie biscuits that are cut into Christmas trees or decorations, they have a distinct taste of ginger and/or cinnamon that makes them a favourite for all. It’s up to you whether you choose to have them covered in icy sugar or not - both options are pretty great so it’s a win-win.

Christmas Trifle

Another Christmas dessert that appeals in particular to those of us that celebrate during the warmer parts of the year! Trifles come in all shapes and sizes; a lot of the time they’ll be made up of rich chocolate, brownie and even chocolate mousse. Obviously these are pretty mouth-watering, but if you’re looking for something a little lighter this Christmas, a trifle consisting of strawberries, raspberries, fruit cake and thickened cream is sure to impress.

Cream Pavlova

While the Pavlova cake actually originated in New Zealand, it is widely enjoyed in Australia too and something of a staple dessert through summertime and obvious the Christmas period. Plum pudding will always be the classic festive dessert, but let’s face it, it was intended to be enjoyed when it’s cold out. Meanwhile, a raspberry and peach Pavlova is light, refreshing and delicious, perfect for those scorching hot summer days.

Mini Mince Tarts

Almost as iconically Christmas as plum pudding itself, mince tarts are easy to make, delicious and gone down nicely as an afternoon snack or part of the dessert spread on Christmas day. Mince tart recipes can vary, but generally you’re looking at a tasty combination of grapes/dates, mince meat, apple and that melt-in-your-mouth crumble pastry on the outside. Even if you don’t opt to cook them yourself, there are plenty of delicious mince tarts you can pick up from your local supermarket or even online. 



Christmas themed brownies are always a lot of fun and make for a popular, easy option. Just make sure you make enough as they’ll probably get snapped up before you know it! Whether you use dark or milk chocolate, it can be a good idea to add fruit (usually diced raspberries) and or nuts into the batter to give your brownies a festive feel. Even if you don’t cut them into mini Christmas trees, feel free to get creative with the shape of your brownies to make them feel unique.

While Christmas lunch is often remembered for the roasted pork or turkey, this time of the year is more often than not defined by its desserts and these flavours are often what we most closely associate with Christmas! So get creative and remember that there are plenty of high quality, ready-made Christmas desserts available for order if you don’t have the time. Do the research and you’re bound to find delicious Christmas puddings for order online or in a local store. Merry Christmas!

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