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Stephen’s Fine Foods Awarded Gold Medal for Traditional Rich Christmas Pudding

Stephen’s Fine Food has recently taken home a pair of gold medals at the RASV Australian Food Awards! Awarded first place for both the Traditional Christmas Pudding and the Dressing and Sauces competition with our renowned Brandy Butterscotch Sauce.

The Australian Food Awards is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and is known as one of Australia’s leading food competitions, with hundreds of suppliers entering their products for review. Every year, food producers come from far and wide to try their luck – in fact, 2017 saw around 1400 entries, with the large majority being classified as either Dairy or Pantry Goods. There are no limits or rules on which suppliers can enter, so typically, large food manufacturers and small local producers get involved. This makes the AFA a highly competitive and exciting event.

The products that were awarded gold in this competition actually make for a great combination, with brandy butterscotch sauce remaining the most traditional topping for plum pudding. Being a fine foods supplier, Stephen’s has a range of different products including biscuits, sauces, cakes, condiments and other treats. But without a doubt, puddings are our most well-known and highly praised products, which means that the period around Christmas is particularly busy.

Stephen’s Fine Foods puddings are no stranger to praise from critics, has received awards at other fairs and competitions, including the Sydney Royal and Hobart Fine Food Awards. Part of our brand’s growing success over the past few years has been the performance of our products at events like these. This has led to greater interest from consumers all around Australia, as well as stockists looking to put our product line on their shelves.
Earlier this month, the Good Food website commended our Christmas pudding, noting that it finds the right balance between that spice and brandy flavour that should be present in a traditional plum pudding. In a blind judging of some of the most popular Christmas puddings on the market, it was ranked ahead of some big names and competitors.

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