Traditional Holiday Cakes


Cakes have long been symbols used to mark the passage time, and are a wonderful way to gather your family and friends to celebrate traditional milestones and achievements. From birthdays to baby showers, engagements, weddings, graduations as well as holidays like Easter and Christmas, cakes have become an important signifier of happy occasions and celebrations.


Wedding Cakes

Traditionally wedding cakes are served after the wedding service and reception dinner to all the guests who have come to join the happy couple on their big day. Wedding cakes were originally conceived to bring good luck to both the couple and their guests.

Now-a-days the wedding cake is not only a marker of the end of the formal proceedings of the wedding day, it is also a centrepiece for the reception. Wedding cakes can consist of a number of tiers and often feature a cake topper symbolising the bride and groom.


Birthday Cakes

Stemming from traditional birthday celebrations in Western Europe - birthday cakes are now an integral part of birthday celebrations across the globe. Birthday cakes have a long, rich history stretching back to ancient Rome, however the tradition of lighting and blowing out the candles on your birthday cake comes from 18th century Germany.

For many years elaborately decorated cakes were a sign of wealth and privilege, but with the evolution of confectionary and baking advancements in more recent times, fancy cakes are now a part of many people’s celebrations, both large and small.


Christmas Cakes

Christmas is the best time of year for cakes, puddings and pies. Christmas dinner is rarely complete without sharing a piece of delicious Christmas cake. Traditional Christmas puddings and mince pies are also a staple in modern Western Christmas cuisine and are consumed all the way through the Christmas season.

The construction and decoration of gingerbread houses is also a tradition at this time of year, using icing and candy to stick and garnish the house. Rumballs, trifle and themed sugar cookies are just some of the many options to choose from to keep you going through the holiday season.


Easter Cakes

While chocolate is the seminal Easter food in these modern times, cakes have also played an important traditional role in Easter celebrations. The Babka cake, traditional in Eastern Europe graces many family’s tables at this time of year. Simnel cake is also featured regularly in Easter celebrations, a traditional cake from the UK that was originally made for the middle Sunday of lent when the forty day fast was relaxed.

This cake consists of two layers of light fruit cake separated by two layers of almond paste or marzipan. Balls of marzipan also decorate the top of the cake – either eleven or twelve to symbolise the apostles. These cakes can also be decorated with preserved fruit and flowers.

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