What Makes Fine Food That Little Extra Special?

We all have a favourite meal in mind when it comes to those special occasions and whether you like to take a trip to a top quality restaurant for their tasty entrees, get straight to the main course to tickle your taste buds or savour the delicacies of dessert, enjoying fine gourmet foods doesn’t have to mean dining out.

The best restaurants may have top chefs on hand to create their menus for them, but with all fine food, even when cooking at home, high quality produce is the essential ingredient to any pleasurable foray into haut cuisine. There are numerous gourmet food outlets that specialise in certain products to create your own meals at home, but finding the right purveyor of fine foods online just got that little bit easier.

Award-winning Master Chef

Stephen's Fine Foods is one of the places that you will find gourmet foods that are crafted by skilled chefs that have a lifetime of experience with delicious local produce. This Victorian fine foods outlet is renowned for their gourmet desserts, condiments and their famous Christmas puddings. But it doesn’t have to be the festive season to enjoy their fine selection of high-quality produce.

With a host of gourmet sauces and biscuits on offer, you are sure to find something that everyone will enjoy. One of the more popular items from Stephen’s Fine Foods has to be the Tomato & Chilli jam. This award-winning combination of a rich locally-sourced tomato with a sweet chilli really is a taste sensation. Perfect with all meat dishes, it is an ideal accompaniment to a tasty club sandwich as well as to be used as a zingy BBQ dressing.

Another popular product in Stephen’s Fine Foods condiment range includes the Chocolate & Bourbon sauce. This dessert sauce is perfect for any chocoholic and for those with a sweet tooth. Pairing perfectly with almost any dessert, why not serve this rich and creamy sauce with your favourite fruit pie, or better still serve with your choice of ice cream to add a little sophistication to any dessert time.

The Finest Ingredients Make for the Finest Taste Experience

Stephen’s Fine Foods is famous for its delicious Christmas puddings and for a good reason. With high-quality ingredients and a family secret recipe, these gourmet festive treats can be ordered and enjoyed all-year-round. Presented in a beautiful traditional gift wrapping, and being available in a number of serving sizes and packages, why not treat yourself to one of these delectable gourmet desserts as a special treat or occasion.

With a select range of gourmet biscuits to choose from, there will be something for everybody to enjoy for your special occasion. Why not treat your guests to one of Stephen’s Fine Foods’ pack of cranberry & pistachio biscotti’s these deliciously crisp and crunchy pack a punch in the flavour department and are the perfect accompaniment to a local Victorian wine.

Stephen’s Fine Foods offers you the chance to enjoy the highest quality gourmet foods direct to your door. With a speciality in creating the tastiest Christmas puddings in all Victoria, why not treat yourself to a little festive spirit any time of the year. Made from high-quality produce and crafted by an award-winning local chef, dessert time will be the talk of the dinner party and the highlight of the night.

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