4 Reasons Christmas Time Is the Best Time of the Year

With so many different restaurants and cafes to choose from today, you can see why so many specialist and concept cafes are cropping up all across the globe. Their appeal is simple, pick a concept or niche that hasn’t been tried before, and take it to the next level.

The majority of specialist or concept cafes offer something new and unique to their customers, giving them the chance to experience something out of the ordinary. Many specialist cafes stick to a tried and tested recipe of creating the finest foods, with the very best ingredients and offer their customers a taste of the good life.

A fine foods gourmet experience

Cafes such as Stephen’s Fine Foods specialise in rich and luxurious gourmet meals and puddings which allows their customers to savour the fine dining experience. Other cafes follow this similar niche by creating a full dining experience based around a certain theme, such as high tea or a relaxing Sunday roast.

But for foodies with a real sense of adventure, the new sprig of concept restaurants and cafes that have cropped up in recent years are truly something to experience.

The Hammock Café

Mahika Mano is one such concept café in the heart of Tokyo. This concept café reaches out to the more indulgent customer, with its island-inspired restaurant filled with full size hammocks to enjoy your rich roasted coffee in. this level of ultra-relaxation is one of the more popular concepts cafes in Japan, which makes you wonder why nobody thought of it earlier!

The Cat Café craze of Tokyo

Another concept café that has become a new meeting point for people across Japan is the Cat Café. These cat cafes are growing to be the most popular café in town, with apartment space at a minimum and a no-pets-allowed policy, many are turning to their local cafes to wind down the day with a feline friend.

Why not spend your evening eating a meal in a restaurant filled with cats? The somewhat relaxed policy of allowing pets into a café allows busy individuals to spend their time grooming, petting and even feeding their favourite feline in any way they please during their stay. Cat hair in your soup? You bet!

Heighten your senses in pitch black

Dans Le Noir is another concept restaurant that has become so popular that it has launched in a few major cities around the world. The concept of Dans Le Noir is in its name – dining in pitch black. The concept may seem odd to many, but according to its owners, and many happy customers, the experience of dining in utter darkness helps to heighten the senses and allow one to taste the food in a new way.

So whether you are looking for a high tea at noon in a specialist English café serving clotted cream and scones, dining in the dark for that added sense of taste, or just want the finest chef creating a batch of the finest gourmet Christmas puddings all-year round, make sure to check out your local fine foods specialist or concept café to enjoy a new dining experience.

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