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Our award-winning dessert puddings have been highly favoured by top restaurants, five star hotels, exclusive clubs and catering companies for many years.

Awarded Gold at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards in 2013 & 2014. For premium gourmet food service, our award-winning dessert puddings have established us as a top fine food wholesaler in Australia.

Our food service puddings come as either individual serves or are available in a food service pudding roll. Our puddings only require reheating and create a simply stunning dessert. 

The individual serve comes in a plastic container that can be microwaved prior to serving. Available in 100g size, minimum orders of 150 apply.

The pudding roll is designed for convenience as it can be cut into slices or half cylinder wedges. The food service pudding roll can be steamed or microwaved prior to serving. Available in 1 kilogram size only (serves 10).